Wednesday, November 11, 2009

rain stops the mass movement of leaves

Not down to the ground that is.

So the veggie garden is down to broccoli raab, lettuce, and leeks ... things were getting a bit slow. Then the leaves began to fall on campus.

It brings on the season of comments like

"raking again!"

"a leaf blower would be easier"

But I see it as my personal mission to get some exercise into the lives of my students. Two beds planted with garlic have a nice cover of leaves. And three giant piles a spread about the garden and soon we will cover all the beds for winter. It does much for the garden in my view.

nutrients for one, organic matter for two, and thirdly ... weed control till we plant in the spring time. All free, if we work hard. The piles seem to show we have done some work. Weather permitting we will be busy moving leaves till Thanksgiving break. Will get some photos when the rain stops.


Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hiya Wayne

Hard work raking leaves. I have three large Walnut trees that give great shade for the parking area over summer but they carpet it with leaves now and they're a good days work to rake them into piles and then transport them somewhere to breakdown into leafmold over the course of the next year.

Good luck with your Autumn exercise, think of the health benefits, oh and the mulch.

walk2write said...

Maybe a contest for the biggest pile would help. When our kids were younger, they would gladly help as long as they were allowed to jump into the piles. Not a very efficient method, I guess, but at least it kept them busy.

Susan Morrison said...

Afraid I take after your students - I hate raking and other mundane garden chores. I know many gardeners find it therapeutic, but I'd rather admire someone else's industry from the comfort of my lounge chair.

Wayne Stratz said...

walker, Rob, Susan... thanks for the visit. the leaves have been raked and now it is time to be grateful. new blog post on the horizon