Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aloe update and mint young ones

much is happening here and there, but here is another blog about our big aloe plant and its blooms.

Like many flowers on a spike the bottom buds open first and die and the blooming action goes upward..

Here is a view from the top...

yesterday the students got to get there hands on seedlings. They will be touching many more in the next few months. This is spearmint. I was thinking as we worked with the seedlings about how a plant that can be so hard to get rid of as an adult can be so fragile as a young one. We placed 5 seedlings into 4" square pots.


Chandramouli S said...

Nice to see the Aloe flowering. Good luck with the seedlings, Wayne.

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Thanks for the Aloe update.

That spearmint may be fragile now, but as we know it can become a garden thug.


Wayne Stratz said...

chandramouli--- thanks, the challenge as always is to find room for the seedlings

Rob--- you are welcome. thugs... good word. shame mint is so tasty.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Isn't it intriguing to compare a plant to a human? Especially in the way you described: "how a plant that can be so hard to get rid of as an adult can be so fragile as a young one." We humans are the same way. Many get stubborn and will not budge in their old age!! he he.

I haven't seen an aloe plant grow before so this is 'educational' for me! When you became a blotanical member I knew your field of work would be really interesting...I simply have forgotten to visit!! I think working with the kids re: gardening/botanical things must be very rewarding!

Wayne Stratz said...

Jan--- I talk that way about plants whether is is good or not. I often correct myself so the students don't really think plants have all the attributes I hand out... which I can't prove they have.

I too have not had enough time to visit all the good folk I discovered at blotanicals when I had a break from teaching in December.