Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gardening for horses

Sometimes I just don't think outside of my view of the world. So at first I was confused why my offer of tomato and pepper plants was not met with enthusiasm.

My school, through the hard work of an occupational therapist, has built a pilot program for our students to learn about life, work, and horses at the FUN-E-FARM.

The OT asked me to contact them about a gardening project, so Saturday morning I found myself in a barn listening, along with several Pathway students, as the farm owners spoke on how to treat horses.

So they don't want to grow food for humans and thus they wanted to talk about their passion, horses, and combine it with mine, gardening for the kitchen. They want to make compost. They want to use it to grow carrots. They want to feed them to the horses. It is cyclical and a very cool idea. They want our students to be involved in this project. Not sure how much I will be involved in the project, but I will get them some info and we will see what happens.

I can imagine making some space for horse gardening at the school...

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