Tuesday, April 14, 2009

of biomes and brownies

My school has just celebrated Friends and Family Day. I opened my room up as a visiting spot. No big shows, just students making our potting soil mix, while other potted up our billion varieties of hot peppers. I had the Mighty assistant and some students bake up some lavender brownies the day before. As you may remember the human suggestion box has big time issues with lavender in his food and even tried to have a petition stop me. So there were the parents. And there were the brownies. And there was the man with the suggestions. So I put it all together...

"Could you please hand out the lavender brownies to the parents?" Soon enough they were enjoying the brownies and I was telling the story with the human suggestion box adding details, which of course led to a few minutes exploring the suggestion box.

The teacher, who has landed the job of teaching our youngest students, asked me for some plants for what she was planning for the parents. She was one of several teachers who were focussing on biomes and she wanted to place some critters around real plants. I needed space for my seedlings... clearly it was a win-win situation and our largest plants went out on loan.

What I hope to do by the end of the week is get an e-mail sent out to all the parents (some are here already and that makes me happy) to visit the blog... if you have made it... welcome.


walk2write said...

Why would anyone have issues with lavender? It's supposed to soothe away things like issues. More power to ya and your brownies, Mr. S!

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hi Wayne

'A billion varieties of hot peppers' I hope you post about them later on.

Lavender brownies sound nice to me.


Wayne Stratz said...

Walk 2 write--- well, we don't know for sure what is wrong with the man's taste buds ;') Rain tomorrow will give us a reason to make more bread and brownies, this time I am thinking with fresh mint.

Rob--- will do a post once I have some in my hand... can you be that patient?