Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bread making--- using our dried herbs

Scents build loyalty. Bees return to favored flowers just as we return to favored foods. They look good, but more importantly... they smell good.

When a honey bee finds a good feeding site they come back to the hive and do a dance that informs the other bees which way to fly to find the flowers. When a bumble bee finds good food they return to the hive and release a combination of their own pheromone and scents from the flower which inspire feeding frenzies.

Monday mornings I like getting to Pathway early, but in order to bake bread a stop at a grocery store was needed so as I drove to work I had thoughts of passing the plan to bake break. But the idea of not finally getting back to bread baking seemed wrong.

So the morning was rushed and as I sat to eat lunch I felt like I would never get caught up. But, then the first batch of whole wheat sage rolls were placed into the oven and soon the smell of fresh bread filled the kitchen. And at the end of the class after the last bread was placed into the oven and all was cleaned... I handed rolls to my students, my assistant and myself. And like a bee we went off to Pathway staff who love our rolls. We did not dance, but it did cause a feeding frenzy.

Here is a link to the recipe.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Lovely, Stratoz. :) And those rolls sound excellent AND easy... I may have to try them myself.

Wayne Stratz said...

Hey Blackswamp Girl--- thanks for the visit. the rolls were excellent, give them a try.