Friday, December 26, 2008

On break--- hanging over my head

A friend, who teaches at a local college, recently spoke of being relieved for unlike most years, she had finished grading student papers before the holidays. They were not hanging over her head.

My seed order hangs there. Well not her head, but mine. The catalogs are resting over at the Pathway School where I teach. It is winter break. This weekend I will travel to the school, check the plants, and bring them home where I can sit back with some jazz and make a decision.

The students have helped quite a bit. First by circling photos of flowers and veggies that caught their eye. Then we get serious and narrow it down. I love to hand a seed catalog to a students and say, "read all the descriptions of ________ and then explain to me why I should go with your choice."

I have had more than one student drawn to the extra-large version of vegetables. I don't favor them, so I have rejected most of their requests with ... bigger does not mean better.

But this year a student told me a story. He remembers going to get a monster pumpkin and the trouble of getting it home. Later, after they had found a home for it, the pumpkin rolled and smashed. We do the math... one plant covers 70 square feet. We make a deal, he digs out a new bed, I buy the seeds and let him takeover. I will guide him, but it will be his plot.

Here is a photo my wife took when all the students were home during a summer break. I am a blur, but I love it all the same. Lets call it, "twilight and giants- summer of 2007."


Anonymous said...

Great picture! It's nice that you have the students to help you with the decision making. Enjoy your break while it lasts. Thanks for stopping by my blog today & the nice comments.

Wayne Stratz said...

perennialgardener--- It is a release of control issue. I am still the one who makes the order but their input has grown over the years.

Q said...

I am so enjoying your blog!
Wonderful getting to know you.
Looking forward to 2009 and your students and your gardens.
I too am a plant person....I love bugs and birds too!

Chandramouli S said...

I'm eager to see what you have decided for 2009. Will be following your blog!

Wayne Stratz said...

Q-- thanks, I am glad you are interested in our journey.

Chandramouli--- I will blog about the decision. Thanks for coming back

Pomona Belvedere said...

I've learned so much from seed catalogues, I love the idea of using their descriptions to teach. And that's a great photo of a great-looking garden.

Wayne Stratz said...

Pomona--- Thanks, It was a favored flower garden, 2008 had its point , but 2007 was the best so far. can't wait till 2009.

Penny said...

I want to enroll at Pathway School and take your class! I love the many ways you turn horticulture into lessons that apply to all aspects of life. Got room for a mildly neurotic 47-year-old?

Wayne Stratz said...

Penny-- never enough room for humans, always enough room for another plant