Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mutiny attempt makes me laugh

It started when the Mighty Assistant had an idea and I said "why not." Neither of us knew what a little suggestion box would cause to happen. Mutiny in the ranks.

I see the Human Suggestion Box, who tags along with one of my students, several times a week. As the weather turned colder and we spent more time inside the suggestions began to flow and flow and flow. The students also got caught up in the frenzy.

Long before I knew this man, I had converted the majority of my students into fans of lavender brownies (we have also put lavender into fudge, ice cream, syrup for soda, and a rice pilaf). The Human suggestion Box wanted nothing to do with lavender inside of his food and made many a suggestion to stop the practice, but they were all promptly trashed. So he decided to make a petition to ban the use of lavender brownies. What a foolish friend I have. I have most of the students on my side; plus enough staff that we never fail in selling and eating the brownies. So I laughed and made the brownies again. I don't tend to make them that frequently, however, one must exert one's power.

The suggestion box was a great idea and many have used it for viable and foolish suggestions. Every now and then we sit down and have a few laughs. With a New Year's resolution to follow through on at least ten suggestions, I had a young man, who happens to think gray hair means a teacher is very old, type up the list of the more viable ones, a few of which have been done in years past and some have floated though my brain ...


Watercress (in the buckets once the rice project is over???)


Peas (tried once, deer devoured, but...)

Nut trees (actually it was asked if we could grow a mixed nut tree)

Rice (X)



Apples (more)

Cobra yellow pitcher plants







Cotton (The Mighty Assistant wants this, I offered a one way bus ticket south)


Flower pouches


Sand garden

Paper making

Holly cuttings

Memorial to Dr. Ed

Herbed popcorn

Ant Farm

Worm Farm

Student assigned their own

garden bed or plant

Plant raffle

Chia pets (make our own and sell them)


Pussy willows

Roof garden (could be some liability issues but the roof over my classroom is flat)

Beautify Garden area around front sign of Pathway

Bird feeders

Humming bird feeders

Valentine Day flowers

Old shoes as planters

Rain barrels

Wind chimes

Fish tanks

In the kitchen....

Chocolate covered pretzels

Hot chocolate with LAVENDER

Pepper (hot) bread


Parmesan rosemary bread

Hot sauce

Strudel (I was trained by my grandmother)

Field trips...


Longwood garden

Citizens bank Park (where the Philadelphia Phillies play)


Alan said...

Democracy is a very dangerous thing! Dictatorship rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The word verification is difincut which is modern student for defunct.

Guess I know where my opinion ranks.

Wayne Stratz said...

Alan--- Yes it rules, but only in our minds.

Anonymous said...

I would come work for you in a heart beat. I would learn so much! I love young adults. They have the best answers to life's questions.

Your kids are lucky and you lucky to have them. I read about your Pathway School. Incredible idea! I bet the students are smarter than the average kid who stays stuck in a rut. Bravo to your students.

I don't think lavender brownies sounds too good.

Some ideas from your suggestion box are interesting. How is the rice doing? I thought it was white grubs at first. Those are some puffed up grains.

I like the idea of growing cotton. Cotton use to be king here in the South. Now NASCAR is king and grapes have taken over. During colonial times it was grapes but prohibition took over and tobacco became king. People got mad at tobacco so grapes are back in. And the funny part.....the farms are all still in the same families.

Wayne Stratz said...

as for the students being lucky... it is true most of the time.
as for the rice... I hope to one day be able to say we grew rice, not just planted it.
as for the brownies... I am sure you would love them, however, I know a man who is sure you would hate them. ;')
I don't think I knew that grapes were king then or now.

tina said...

Lavender brownies sounds very interesting....not sure whose side I'd be on with that one:-0

susan (garden-chick) said...

I assume when you say you laugh at mutiny, you mean the 'bwahahaha' style that all dictators are entitled to?

My vote is for worm composting and old shoes as planters (gave a presentation to a garden club this morning on sustainable design so am feeling very green and groovy).

Also, must agree with flowergardengirl. Although others have tried to convert me, I've never been able to appreciate the flavor of lavender in food. Feels too much like I'm eating soap.

Wayne Stratz said...

All-- come over some time and I will make you lavender blueberry pancakes and your minds will be brought over to the side of goodness.

Tina--- glad you are opened minded, unlike some folk. I did get him to eat one though. I told the class they would all get one if the Suggestion guy ate one... nothing like power. truth is they always get one anyway.

Susan--- I am leaning towards the worms and I am hoping for some donated cowboy boots, but that is probably a sin in parts of this country. If you were truly groovy, you would dig lavender.

Martha said...

How is the worm farming going?

We just cleaned out our vermicompost bins and have a few hundred worms to show for our efforts - well their efforts, actually.

Wayne Stratz said...

Martha--- it is still an idea floating about in my head, but it keeps coming back so it will likely happen.

kris at t.m. said...

Lavender in brownies?! Genius!!! I can't believe I never thought of that... My suggestion for the box is fill it with lavender brownies and send it to me.

Wayne Stratz said...

Kris--- one day it may happen. I took some to a Japanese restaurant to share with the Sushi chefs who I had previously chatted to about lavender brownies. The entire staff ate brownies while I was treated to taste a few things myself.