Sunday, January 25, 2009

weaknesses--- memory and record keeping

You would think that someone who has a poor memory, would keep good records, well I don't. That is have a good memory or keep good records, but reading garden blogs helps me to improve in many areas.

So, if you are the person (I found it) who blogged about Folia, thanks. Folia is to gardeners as Ravelry is to knitters, so says my wife who belongs to the latter and recently looked over my shoulder when I was at Folia.

Over at the school on Friday I decided to do some veggie planting. Spurred on by a blogger obsessed with tomatoes, I directed a student to put the tomato seed stash into order by DAYS and then we planted just a few seeds of three varieties. To see my varieties check out my Folia garden. I think this may be the way to go to finally keep records. Yes, I know that this is a cloud that could blow away in the future, but I will take that chance. I am jotting down the tasks we get done each day and will use it to track our plantings.

I was recently asked by a student and his teacher if I needed any help during my prep period. When he came over on Friday, I had him planting some spinach seeds. I need to get the greenhouse active. That's another post.


walk2write said...

I got Hubby to break ground today on a new garden spot. If he finds a job locally, soon, I will begin planting. My dear, departed neighbor told me when we moved here in December 2004 that February is the month to begin planting here in NW FL. Onion sets and seed potatoes will find their way into the spot soon. I hope. Please accept all the help you are offered, Mr. S.

Wayne Stratz said...

walk2write--- I am grateful to have the space, lights, resources, and help that make the gardens at the school happen every year.

Ilona said...

I joined folia, too. Just need to find time to enter the data ( and rack my brain for it from years back)!

Wayne Stratz said...

Ilona--- I am going to try to avoid the social aspect of Folia, I had stated making friends, but I don't have the time for another on-line community... and it is not even gardening season.