Saturday, March 7, 2009

a trip to the Philadelphia flower show part 1

Sorry to say, I didn't have the energy to take students, from all reports it is mayhem during the times I could take them. Bus load after bus load after bus load. So here is how I go about seeing this amazing event.

First I have to get the gumption to go. We had planned to go Wednesday, but after several inches of snow on Monday and frigid temperatures on Tuesday I was not in the mood to be inspired to garden. Hibernating sounded better. Then it started to warm and even though it was 10 degrees Wednesday morning, it was in the 50's on Friday. Having to leave for a medical appointment, I decided I would end the work week a bit early and go to the flower show.

I am an introvert so pushing my way through a crowd to see a beautiful display is not my mind of fun, so I hit the show late in the afternoon when the buses (and cars) are beating the rush hour traffic.

The show is set up like this...

  • go to the right and see large displays by major names in the field
  • go to the center and see individual potted plants and displays by smaller names in the field
  • go to the left and you hit the vendors

I like the center, the middle ground so to speak, and with the big displays still a bit crowded we hit the succulents, and I thought to myself... "I could specialize in the realm of those that hoard water ..."

Echinopsis sp. Crest

Huernia zebrina

Crassula "Buddha's Temple

Pleiospilos neli

Albuca spiralis

do you see and feel what I experienced?


Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hi Wayne

Cacti and succulents, sometimes beautiful sometimes odd, always interesing.

Your flower show season kicks off early


kris at t.m. said...

The horticourt was my fave too and I thought I looked at every plant there but I don't remember seeing any of those! Maybe I was a little overwhelmed by the ferns the size of my shed...

Wayne Stratz said...

Rob--- and sometimes all three.

Kris--- sorry we didn't see each other, I kept checking the fingernails of folk but none looked quite like yours ;')

Chandramouli S said...

Cool, sounds exciting, Wayne. Succulents look beautiful.

Wayne Stratz said...

Chandramouli--- took me a while to start making the annual trip to Philly to see the show, but now it may be a habit