Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2/35th gone already... summer school

Two days of summer school completed and here are some thoughts:

1. I have given up on finding the bed of zucchini. Clearly it was stolen by elves. The bed of patty pans had poor germination. I am thinking it is not too late

2. The weeds that were among the flowers, Swiss chard, cucumbers, peppers, yellow wax beans, onions, leeks, eggplants, swiss chard, winter squash have been asked kindly to get out.

3. a handful of sweet peppers harvested and will be used in the cooking club later this week. Onions will be also harvested for this.

4. garlic had some weeds but will be harvested real soon.

5. Potatoes were largely free of weeds.

6. The Mighty Assistant was handed a book on using a microwave flower press. I am expecting some cool things to emerge from this.

7. Lavender harvested, dead headed, cleaned up.

7. Yesterday I saw the director of admissions of the school standing with someone up a hill where my classroom is located. They waved. I waved back. They walked down to our veggie garden as my class was cleaning up. The visitor was the wife of a dear friend who passed away recently. I asked her if she had seen the Day Lilies which I had dug out of her garden and added to a bed of monotone tiger lilies at the school. She had. Here are some of Dr. Ed's loved lilies...


tina said...

They are beautiful daylilies indeed. A very nice way to remember a person. I sure hope you find that zucchini bed:)

Wayne Stratz said...

Tina--- thanks, no luck on finding the bed, so we planted a bed today.

Dana said...

although my son never needed Dr. Shillinger's services, we met him in the intake process. then he always took his coffee break when I came to pick my son up, always greeted, maybe a little small talk. he always reminded me of Fred MacMurray on My Three Sons, calm, intelligent and had a correct prospective on special needs students. I wish more staff were like him. the lilies are a fitting poetic reminder.

Wayne Stratz said...

Dana--- thanks for sharing your thoughts on the man.