Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a time to wait

not sure if that is one of those proverbs, but I am sure it could be and if not,
I am sure it is in many of the wisest writings found in libraries.

My crew of workers are enjoying some time at home. This is a strange time of the year.

We do the mad rush thing to get the garden planted and weeded and watered and mulched. Then we turn our backs when the end of June break comes along. The students will take note.."hey who is going to be here to care for the plants?"

I assure them that I will do my best to not have the plants die. Then I after graduation I got in my car to drive north to listen to jazz, witness nature, and be amazed by glass in the town of Corning. Before I left I set up babysitting duties with a friend who unfortunately does not get the time off from the school that us teachers get. As she has in the past, she took her job seriously.

Yesterday I went over to take my second look around the school since getting home from New York. The floating row covers have kept deer away, but the weeds are coming in nicely.

Now maybe in my younger days I would have taken on all those weeds, but I am wiser now and clearly older. So, I told them to enjoy their day in the sun. July 6th is not that far off. And as I saw on my summer schedule, I have many many helpers who will be coming back to whip the garden back into shape. I wish we could do both, have a vacation and keep gardening, however...

It is a time to wait (even if I feel a desire to go get rid of them weeds at this very moment).


Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Waiting is indeed the smartest route in this instance.

Why busty a gut when many hands make light work?


Wayne Stratz said...

Rob... I see that you are wise too.

Karen - An Artists Garden said...

Umm - difficult choice Wayne
Many hands make light work V. 7 years of weeds (if they self seed that is)

Wayne Stratz said...

Karen--- Now you had to go and scare me while I am on holiday, however, I already have 1000 years of weeds, so what's another seven. ;')

joey said...

So delighted you visited so that I had this moment to visit your informative site. I see 2 fun friends enjoy you also! Let's not focus on the weeds ... I'm leaving for a 10 day holiday and will surely scream stepping back into the garden ;)

Wayne Stratz said...

Joey--- enjoy the time away. I will be curious if you leap back into the garden when you return. I needed a day or two of rest from vacation before I did more than take a garden stroll at home.