Thursday, June 4, 2009

sticking with the diva

I am not one who has so favored varieties of plants that he grows the same thing year after year. I do save my left over seeds, but once they are gone I am more likely to move on to something new then to buy the same variety.

Today I awoke to the sound of rain and the green blob on the radar which stretched from Kentucky, across West Virginia, and then through PA into New Jersey. It wasn't nearly as wide, but it was all moving along the same path. I had to say, "Oh well," and hope for natural or supernatural forces to move a very large weather system.

It didn't really move, but the rain stalled out just west of the school (at least for the morning hours) and gave us a light drizzle which did not keep us inside. I got some Coleus into the garden, planted a bed of swiss chard by seed and transplanted out an old favorite... Diva cucumbers.

this was found at Flickr...

The man, who answers the phone at the school (if you don't know your extension) and has placed a billion purchase orders, loves his Diva cucumbers. On more than one occasion he has shown up in the garden looking for one. On many more of an occasion I have sent students his ways with our bounty. Last year I was much chagrined when I discovered I had no cucumber seeds. I went to a gardening center and bought what they had. This year I went back to the Diva when I made my seed order.

Today I transplanted out 15 seedlings in the mist as the other hardy student cultivated the potato beds. It was a good day.



Chandramouli S said...

Yummy yumm! I looooove cucumbers! Can you ship over some here ;) My stomach's growling!

Becky said...

What's so great about the diva??? Great glamour shots and an entourage?? Seriously great name!! I hope they do well for you.
I haven't secured a container for my bike yet, but it'll happen soon.

Any updates on your winter sown projects???

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Wayne, I wish we had a horticulture program when I went to school (waaay back). It might have made a big difference. At that time horticulture wasn't something you were encouraged to look to as an occupation.

I'm not much into cukes but did look back over some older posts and found some interesting subjects.

Wayne Stratz said...

Chandramouli--- I would have to get them by my friend at the front desk ;')

Becky--- I am not a huge fan of cucumbers, but it pleases me to see the joy of those who love the Diva! will give an update.

Roses and Lilacs--- Word on the street says that I have made a difference in a life or two. I agree on the cukes. Now the anaheim chiles are all about my likes and desires.

susan morrison (garden chick) said...

It does sound like a great day. And we have something in common despite our geographical distance - I spent last week planting coleus, too, my favorite shade annual.

Wayne Stratz said...

Susan--- My wife loves the Coleus with an orange tone so I planted a few of those at home