Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacationing... Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Last time we were in Buffalo we did not go to see Niagra Falls. So we planned a day of our vacation to see them this year. Then soon before we left a friend posted her own photo of this building and I just had to see it for myself.

This may have been the brightest/gaudiest plant. I know it should have been ignored.

Agave stricta... Hedgehog Agave. At first I thought it was in sad shape, but the brown tips look natural close-up????

OK, so I thought... what a cool shot if I hunched down by this "wow they get that big" prickly pear cactus. Later I sat backinto the car seat, I felt something poke me in the back and eventually had to change shirts... cactus spine???

Euphorbia milii... Crown of Thorns. I am glad I only got out of the place with one thorn in my side. I love succulents, maybe a bit too much.

I was taken by the room of Begonias. I seemed to be filled with joy when I caught my reflection in the big mirror. Here are two of the many plants in the room...

This one was named after Jelly Roll Morton and after three nights of jazz in Rochester, NY... how could I pass him by.

Begonia maculata...The Trout Begonia... how cool is that!

not sure what it is, but clearly is the hippest foliage of the day.

again one I did not ID, but truly the coolest flower of the day... well, I will post the orchid photos in the future.

a room with a view, ending the loop where we began the tour of this amazing building in a park designed by Olmstead. Now a days the public still owns the land, but it is run by a non-profit.


Lori D said...

Really beautiful photos of the Gardens Wayne, but sorry that you got stuck!

Wayne Stratz said...

Lori--- thanks, but far less damage than the last time I potted a cactus in my classroom.

tina said...

Hi Wayne, Lucky you to have time to see the botanical gardens and see Niagara Falls. We saw them last July and simply loved them. It was on our way to the great state of Maine. Not enough time to do anything else. I do agree with you that trout begonia is really cool. I was wondering how your clarkia is doing? Mine croaked in the heat. Just up and disappeared. Oh well. Talk to you later and take care.

Wayne Stratz said...

Tina--- thanks for the visit. Yes, we were lucky. The Clarkia did not do well for the most part. Some survived the initial planting out, but I can't even remember seeing any of them the day I stopped by the school last week.

tina said...

That is kind of what I suspected. I think they like the drier climate of Texas than ours here in the east.

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Hi Wayne! I grew up in a neighborhood not far from the great Lord and Burnham Glass House in Olmstead's South Park. Fond memories of holiday visits there as a child with my parents to view the plant displays. In fact, it is also one of the last places I visited together with my parents when they were both alive and able to get around.

Wayne Stratz said...

Ms. Wis--- I am glad they are keeping this place alive with plants.

Wayne Stratz said...

Tina--- yeah we practice imperfection at its finest. Lots of plants are thriving though, just need the students back so we can garden full throttle once again. They come back in one week.