Tuesday, June 2, 2009

crunch time and stopping to smell the flowers

The eleven straight days of rain has us scrambling. Trying to keep the garlic, onions, leeks, and potato beds maintained (they are all looking great) while preparing the other beds...

The other day I informed my geology class that they were going to get to experience with the Earth and since then they have been helping out in the garden. For one they have to help rebuild a bed which they destroyed when I let them see if they could hit bedrock. I have never seen so few rocks come out of such a deep hole.

We did get a bed of sweet peppers and a bed of eggplants transplanted today. I absolutely desire to grow more than one bed of green beans, squash, and cucumbers, plus some hot peppers. Not the variety of crops of the last few years, but I will be happy if we get that accomplished.

so what is the count.... 11 days total, with 4.5 taken up by activities (2 field trips, one day of creating a new garden by the admissions building (a promise I will deliver upon with the help of my students and some volunteers coming to the school this Friday, an all morning awards assembly, and graduation. Can I count on no rain outs?

oh yes, those flowers seem to cry out for some attention, the small seedlings as well as this showy peony which has been at the school longer than I have...

sadly this plant is diseased. It always arrives in the spring healthy but by mid summer it is killed off... most likely (recent research on peony care and diseases) by a blight. I am worried that this bight could spread, so this may be the last year to see its show. A few years back a student told me the peony smelled like salami. I told him that he was confused , until I took a whiff myself.


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