Monday, May 4, 2009

How many days are left?

A friend, who teaches math at a local school, announces the number of days left in the school year and then speaks on how hard it is to get her students focused.

two thoughts:

  1. How will ever get the garden planted. I always have these thoughts during the spring. Now as I watch it rain for days on end and see forecasts of more? simple answer... we will get done what we get done.
  2. How proud I am of my horticulture students, who will work for me till the last day of the year.
and now tie them together...
I need to be careful this time of the year as I feel the stress of how much I would like to accomplish. I need to release that stress in other ways than getting terse with students, who are there to help.


Dana said...

Kudos for acknowledging that there are students who are there to help you! they might not be as quick (due to physicality) or knowledgeable but many will respond to someone who is not tense...many days I wonder (as a teacher aid, a parent, even a daughter) what component of a handicap is made up of anxiety...I am glad to read what you have written today, Wayne

Pomona Belvedere said...

A thoughtful and thought-provoking post that packs a lot of human nature into a few paragraphs! Hope you're taking time to enjoy spring, too.

Wayne Stratz said...

Dana--- sometimes the disability is the anxiety, sometimes the anxiety worsens the disability.

Pomona--- there have been many a moment of enjoying spring.

tina said...

Everyone is surely feeling stress. Me too with my teenager. I will be glad when school is out!

P.S. My clarkia have grown like 3". I can't wait to see the bloom.

Wayne Stratz said...

Tina--- the school is starting a meditation group for staff... I am considering attending.

tina said...

Hang tough.