Monday, May 25, 2009

a late Friday jump into a new experience

The Mighty Assistant loves to cut and arrange flowers. Friday morning she was out cutting flowers from two of our herbs: chives and sage. She was making tiny bundles before she left at noon in order to get a jump on the holiday weekend. Unlike me, she is a shore person.

I had the last horticulture class of the week out making sure the flower garden was good and soaked. We came in to wash up and rest a moment before the afternoon homeroom period. It was then that a student noticed the chive flowers. From my desk I explained what they were and that they were edible.

"I can eat this????"

"Go for it."

Hesitation got me out of my chair.

"1,2,3" And we were into the realm of edible flowers.

Plenty of times I had eaten chive leaves with students.

So, I assumed mellow onion.

Wow. It was far from mellow. How much flavor can be packed into a flower? Try it, or have you already?

Here is a picture of my herb garden at home where the chives and sage flowers are next to each other.


Chandramouli S said...

Oh, that's news to me! I never knew those are edible! Interesting...

Beryl Singleton Bissell said...

My grandson, now age 10, always asks when he can come visit again and "eat flowers."

Wayne Stratz said...

Chandramouli--- I have seen recipes which for chive flowers but have never tried any.

Beryl--- good for him!

tina said...

Yum!! That is one pretty herb and garden! Hope your holiday weekend was great!

Wayne Stratz said...

Tina-- Yum... hmmm, you better be a lover of onions. weekend was good. Thanks.

susan morrison (garden-chick) said...

The occasional nasturum is about as adventurous as I get when it comes to chowing down on blooms.

Wayne Stratz said...

Susan--- I find it strange to think about how we are comfortable eating so many things, but flowers make us nervous