Saturday, May 23, 2009

PK's Iris comes to the forefront

Several years ago a friend at work donated some Irises which she had divided and dug up from her garden. I planted them behind the greenhouse and for years, it was a treat for the few of us who happened to be in a far corner of the school's campus at this time of year. Then I decided to be nice to the rest of the campus, so the students and I did our own digging and dividing.

This week we had five sunny school days during which we concentrated on the flower garden, which is now nearly set to do its thing. Our seedlings may be small, but I have learned that soon enough we will have a burst of color. For now the flower that got the most comments by staff and students passing by as we gardened were PK's Irises.

I recently read a comment at a blog where someone said her favorite gifts were perennial flowers, for each year when it blooms it reminds them of the gift.

after this week at work, in which I told many a folk of how these irises made it into our lives, I fully agree with the blogger...


tina said...

They are lovely and a very nice gift indeed. The kind that keeps on giving.

walk2write said...

That is a lovely gift, and now countless people can enjoy its beauty. I get a lot of pleasure out of the flowers and shrubs I've planted, but what I really hope for is that other people walking or driving by will too.

Wayne Stratz said...

Tina--- so many plants have flowed into my life from kind hearted folk

walk2write--- that is a wonderful thing to hope for. I try to feel the same about our front yard at home.