Tuesday, April 20, 2010

David Attenborough, a celebrity, takes us into Earth Day

In my classroom, there resides a few DVD's of the amazing nature films starring the David Attenborough. If nothing else, my science students will leave my school knowing that this man has lived an amazing life during which he has brought nature's mysterious ways into our homes again and again and again. They all know his name, and how cool is that. He makes us smile, and how cool is that.

20 years ago it was The Living Planet that emerged for us to see. After planning out a week of exploring the echinoderms in my zoology class, I changed plans Monday morning. We are watching, taking notes, and discussing the final segment. It is here that after exploring all the habitats of the Earth, Attenborough takes on how humans have changed the planet. So, we watch and discuss, and then I am sending the students to go to our new Wiki and update the planet's story. In the last 20 years, what has happened to those animals, plants, and places that Attenborough so cares about, that at the age of 83, he has reached the North Pole as he films his new series about life in the frozen realms.

Here, is the final message that my students will watch tomorrow...


Lynn said...

We love Mr. Attenboroug, too! What a great teaching tool for your kids to have his films. Shame that too many people think we do have the moral right to destroy other living organisms, and do so with such dispassion.

Wayne Stratz said...

Lynn... thanks for the visit. tis a shame.