Saturday, April 3, 2010

viewing the microscopic and living plants for big changes

The day I returned from the National Science Teacher Association Conference, I had lots of ideas floating in my head. I started with this one: understanding the relative size of the microscopic world.

But first I had the students write down the name of a huge, large, medium, and small... human made objects in Physics and animals in zoology. Then I had them take their scraps and in groups place them in order.

Then I gave them the slips of paper that had 17 objects, the largest being a coffee bean, the smallest being a carbon atom. It was interesting to see the strategies used to place them in order, but there was plenty of frustration. How can you size things that you can not see? Then I showed them this on the the smart board...

FROM COFFEE TO CARBON use your mouse to slide the button under the pictures to zoom in. Which they found as cool as I did when I saw it at the conference.

Teacher resources for this and other units created at the University of Utah can be found here (scroll down on your left). Use the link at the top left to flip back and forth between Teaching and Learning.

My horticulture classes are gearing up for spring which came suddenly after a very snowy February. March proved to be very warm and wet. I am glad that we were asked to provide flowers for a celebration of the residential program at our school, which is sadly closing come graduation in June. For most of the tables we chose to have living flowers...

all the pansies that weren't flowering when we bought them, are now flowering in a bed outside my classroom.


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