Monday, April 26, 2010

Unwanted plants...

Saturday I returned from leading a crew of comcast volunteers into the school's veggie garden, and ventured into my own backyard.

I weeded, appreciated the return of perennials, cut of dead flower stems from last year and pondered a certain plant.

Later in the day, I showed the new blooms and the mystery plant to my wife. We decided it was a weed. Being foolish I examined it a bit. Later, I would be glad I didn't taste it.

No, I don't taste strange plants and after this experience I will think twice about not wearing gloves.

My wife tracked down the plant and informed me that I had a thriving poison hemlock in my garden.

Sunday, she took the action photo that leads into this post, when I removed the plant. In the evening I searched out videos on plants that are winning the chemical war with humans, well, I could have used chemicals to kill the hemlock.

So, today I told my students to not be like me and be cautious when encountering a strange plant, and we reviewed the plants I normally speak of when I speak of the dangers of gardening. This is the hippest informative video found...

By the way the comcast volunteers did a great job helping out in our garden and across campus.


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