Sunday, April 11, 2010

entering the world of wikispaces

I have an experiment going on at work. I have set up a wiki to use in my science classes. We will see where it leads and soon I will let the world in to see it, but for now the students and I are constructing it.

I let the students on last Friday and I learned a few things before the second class logged off. It will be like that, failures and successes guiding us on to a new teaching tool. My main mistake was having too many students editing the same space and student work was loss.

I want the students to be actively involved in teaching each other, not just a list of assignments. We will see.

This is the a wikispace by a presenter I saw at the NSTA conference... Why Wikis and see how he has applied it... his class wiki

Are wiki's happening in your district or are they blocked?

If you have a wiki for your classroom... I would love to see it. I'll let you know when we unveil ours.

many more examples of wikis

In horticulture we had plenty of weather to be outside this past week and our flower garden has gotten a spring cleaning. We scattered lettuce and broccoli raab seeds. We even ventured into a bed we don't usually touch, but I got tired of seeing all the dandelions. Here is a photo of myself and a portion of our flower garden as it appeared in August of 2007...

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