Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it just isn't right outside

well, I think so.

6 weeks ago when piles of snow were massive... if you had told me that we would have several upper 80 degree days during the first week of April and that Spring would be several weeks ahead of schedule... I would have told you that you were confused.

I was giving a tour of our flower garden to a group of students who are sampling horticulture for the final quarter of the school year and I was trying to point out how strange things were in the plant world. A record warm March followed by more excessive heat has things racing ahead of schedule.

We had gotten to the Bee Balm and a student pointed out that it was overwhelming this... (photo taken in a previous year)

and it showed my point... the Bee Balm should not be so high. I am curious what such an early Spring will lead to...

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